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Sue C. Lasley      Media/Technology Staff
Black History Month
Interactive site provides streaming audio and video clips, online maps, and other related resources commemorating the struggles and achievements of various figures in black history.
Extra!: History of Black History Month
A brief article chronicles the origins of Black History Month and provides links to related materials, such as an interactive quiz, a civil-rights timeline, learning activities, and profiles of African American historical figures.
News Hour Extra Teacher Resources
This web site has an outstanding collection of multidisciplinary lesson plans designed to develop critical analysis skills. Lessons are organized by subject.
Discover 50 first-rate lesson plans that accompany PBS’s Point of View documentaries. Teachers may videotape shows for use in the classroom, or fill out an application and borrow videotapes or DVDs for free.
Ten test-Taking Strategies
A Civil rights Resource
This site offers primary-source video and audio clips documenting the movement for civil rights in America.